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What is CSZV?

The main objective of the Czech Association for Branded Products is to protect and support the common interests of branded products manufacturers in areas affecting the production, marketing, distribution and sale of branded products in the Czech Republic. Its members are primarily manufacturers and importers of branded FMCG.

The brand is considered by the members of the Czech Association for Branded Products to be:

  • an established symbol of the high quality of branded products,
  • a symbol of the responsibility of a producer whose product incorporates the results of an ongoing research and which, in addition to satisfying the needs of an individual consumer, also meets environmental requirements,
  • a means of communication between the producer and the consumer, the latter being able to use his own or others' experience with a given brand when deciding whether or not to purchase a product,
  • in the form of a registered trademark, a means of legal protection and of counteracting unfair competition.


Meeting of the ČSZV Section for Cosmetics will take place on Tuesday, 18 June 2019.
Meeting of the ČSZV Legislation Committee will take place on Tuesday, 18 June 2019.
On web address you can find detailed information on ČSZV campaign in support of branded goods, which took place in April-May 2007.
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